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KANELLATOU, PARASKEVI G., 2010.07. “The Greek Polyphonic Song in the South Part of the Pogoni Province in Epirus”, in ΕRΚΕΤ e-Journal, Vol.:1, p. 1-50, Holargos: Research Centre for Greek Singing. [ISSN: 2241-0589].

Ethnomusicological article concerning the Greek polyphonic singing of the province of Pogoni in the geographical area of Epirus. In this paper, we are given information about the geographical distribution of the specific musical phenomenon and the social frame where it has been developed. Musicologically, there is a detailed analysis of polyphonic singing as well as of the formation, the consistence and the possible structure of polyphonic groups. Greek speaking polyphonic groups who interpret this specific music genre as well as the related discography and bibliography available are presented in the end.

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